Monday, October 31, 2016

hallowe'en and closing time

   Howdy! Happy Hallowe'en! If you're wondering why I've got an apostrophe in there, it's because that's how Tasha Tudor spells it, so that's how I'm gonna spell it.

     I know a lot of Christians don't celebrate Hallowe'en because of all its evil connotations, but I personally think Hallowe'en is great. I'll probably never outgrow the excitement of dressing up in costume. I have tons of fond memories of traipsing around the neighborhood in the most horrible of weather, dressed up in everything from a bathrobe to a dust ruffle (no kidding) ringing people's doorbells and giving out bags of apples. Some years it was so cold and muddy and rainy it was plainly miserable. So why did we do it? Because it was fun. And we were kids and that's what you do when you're a kid. And then we got to come back home and put on pajamas and eat chicken soup and watch creepy black-and-white screwball comedies. :-)

     Yeah, I like Hallowe'en. Evil and the appearance of evil are bad, I know, but Hallowe'en is like a bonfire -- it's totally fine if you keep it contained.

     Another reason I like Hallowe'en? Our family business closes for the year, and we can all go home and sit by the fire.

     That's the way it goes -- June through October every year our lives are a circus, running the business (known as 'the stand') and trying to keep up with everything besides. That's the way it's always been for me. We work hard all summer and then October comes, and my mom starts counting down the days until Hallowe'en, and then -- oh joy! -- we get to take down the OPEN flags for the last time, switch off the lights, close the doors, and go home to celebrate living through yet another season. It's really great.

     My mom said to my dad, "What do other people do to experience this unbridled joy? We get to close the stand every October, but how to other people know what it's like to be this excited?"

     It's been a good year. A very hard year, for me, but that's mainly because of my own silly emotional teenage-girl issues which absolutely nobody wants to hear about. The amazing thing is, as hard as it's been, and as many times as I felt like I was so tired I couldn't keep up, and as many times as I felt so badly about myself that I didn't even want to was all really good. It was all experience. My family stuck together. I learned how to live a little better and I stopped brushing my hair. I loved the land even more and realized I always want to do this -- this farming thing, I mean. For me it's in my blood. Maybe that's how my Daddy felt, why he took over the farm. Anyways.

     When I think of this year I'll think of driving the red truck and picking pumpkins and going to get raspberries with Sadie and listening to Joey+Rory and talking waaaaaaay too much about trucks with my cousin Henry and eating grape stix at closing.


     It's a good day. :-) Hey, whatever you're doing for Hallowe'en, I hope y'all have fun!


     P.S. Now there won't be all that work to do I'm gonna have to find something to keep me out of trouble all winter....


  1. I love Halloween!! Sure, I know it has pagan origins; but actually, most of our holidays have at least a HINT of "pagan" origins--even the word "Easter" comes from the name of some Saxon goddess or other. So as long as you're not actually participating in dark magic or what-not, I don't see anything wrong with it :-)

    And trick-or-treating is so much FUN! I'm not doing it this year because I have too much homework (#gradstudent), but my siblings are and I hope they have a great time :-) And candy. Candy is always good.

    "Something to keep me out of trouble all winter . . ." You should write another novel, or something :-)

  2. *cries because i love this post but most of all i love that photo of you*

    emma, darling, you're absolutely darling!!! can we please go on an adventure together???!

    By the way, I replied to your letter today xD

  3. Shocking about not capitalising the words in the title. You're think you're hipster, do you. :-P

    Secondly I hope you had a lovely Hallowe'en! (I LOVE PEOPLE WHO USE THE APOSTROPHE) And ahh it must be exciting and bittersweet to take the 'open' (LES MIZ) flags back for the last. time in the year. I think this is an excellent way to celebrate. I agree that Hallowe'en can be fun AND good. :-)

    (Psst I don't mind hearing your emotional teenager 17yearold drama. You know it.)

    LOVE the picture of you on the swing can I JOIN YOU?

  4. *goes to write a comment* *reads Naomi's* *gapes because she wrote everything (EVERYTHING) I was gonna say + she wrote it way better than I could have* *blinks*

    Ditto to Naomi's comment.

    *crawls away feeling silly*

    ~Miss Meg

    1. HAHAHAHA.

      This is what happens when kindred spirits have mutual friends. :-P

  5. APOSTROPHES ALL THE WAY!!! *waves my tiny 'grammar snob' flag vigorously*

    I am a Christian, and I LOVE Hallowe'en. Yesterday I was a gypsy, and I'm pretty sure it was my favorite costume ever. Lots of layers (skirts and scarves and shawls) and lots of jewelry. I jingled and swished with every step I took.

    My family's church turns Hallowe'en into an outreach and invites all the trick-or-treating families to stop at the church for the kiddies to get their candy, and we also offer hot cocoa, hot dogs, a few activities and take their photos for them. Last night I set up a face painting stand, and I got to paint the pastor's face. We are a small community, so we only had about three hundred people, but I would definitely call the night a success.

    Also--PUMPKINS! LOOK AT ALL THEM THAR PUNKINS! I love threat picture. A red truck full of pumpkins, what could embody the spirit of fall more than that?

    We had a lot of pumpkins come up this year, more, I think, than we will be able to use. So we have arranged them out on the porch for 'decoration.' I'm glad we have such a looong porch. We wouldn't have room otherwise. I forsee lots of pie in our future.

    I envy your tire swing.


    2. It was totally the most fun thing to wear ever! :) I love layers, and I'm partial to headscarves, and I like jewelry, and I would probably wear a similar outfit every day, if I could. (Minus some of the jewelry. Eight necklaces will weigh you down.)

      My favorite part of the outfit was the blouse. It was silky and striped teal green and had full sleeves...because it was four or five sizes too big! My mum helped me resize everything but the sleeves, because I really liked the fullness; I just moved the buttons on the cuffs so they'd fit my wrists more snuggly and wouldn't hinder my face painting. It is excessively impolite to get one's sleeve in your patron's design.

    3. Lissy, your "them thar punkin" sentence made my day for some reason.XD Just sayin'.:)

      ~Rilla Blythe

  6. What a cozy post! I want to live in it. :)

    And that picture of you on the tire swing = extreme cuteness. :)


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