Thursday, October 20, 2016

Howdy-hey and welcome to Sugar Mountain.


        My name's Emma. If I'm not barefoot, I'm wearing cowboy boots. But I'm not a cowgirl, though I'd like to be. I'd also like to be beautiful and have a huge vocabulary and make people laugh. Sometimes I pretend I'm Miranda Lambert. (But I'm not.) Really, what I am is just a normal person who listens to too much country music.

     I was born in a little brown house. My mama already had one girl; I was the second. Another one would come two years later. I came into the world on a cold February day, and my daddy said, "Hello, Emma."

     I remember being seven and sitting up late nights at my desk with a light and a silly feather pen, writing stories as fast as they came to me. Once I read one of them at a gathering at my grandparents' house and my cousin laughed. (I did not appreciate it.)

     I grew up fairly unusual. Homeschooled, for one thing, and I'll let you make your own assumptions about that. (They're probably 50% correct.) There were good times and not-so-good and they almost all involved cousins and popcorn and old TV shows.

     I've made it to seventeen okay. These days I still live in the same brown house, on the same small farm with the yellow barn and the stand on the corner that my family runs. These days I listen to country music and work with my family. These days, I make plans and concoct schemes and do slightly illegal things from time to time and get away with them. These days I am grateful for my friends and I usually learn from my mistakes and I try to keep out of trouble.

    Telling stories is one of my favorite things in the world. I've blogged before, for a sizable chunk of my life, but that saw its day and we said goodbye to that chapter. But after knowing what it's like to have my words read by people, I'm missing it, and that's why I feel like it's time to start a new one. A new chapter, I mean. A new blog. So I can tell you stories. :-)

    This blog isn't about me. Well, sort of. (I talk about myself a lot, I guess. I try not to.) I just like to write. I can't keep it all inside. Mostly I write about things I know and love, which are my family and my Lord and my home, here on the stateline of New York and Pennsylvania where there are dirt roads and Amish and cornfields and hot redneck boys who drive loud trucks.

    So, if you like, stick around and I'll tell you stories.

     Welcome to Sugar Mountain!



  1. It's so terribly good to read a post of you again, love. So glad you're back! <3 (I LOVE THIS POST.)

  2. Emma! I have missed you. I'm so glad you are back!!:)

    ~Rilla Blythe

  3. Emma!!! *Runs madly across, grinning like crazy, to give you a huge hug* It's so good to see you again! I will follow your new adventure with excitement. :)

  4. Confession time:

    I actually saw this blog starting up, even before you'd written a post. Don't ask me how. I just... have a knack for finding out stuff like that. :P But anyway, there wasn't an Anonymous commenting option, so I obviously left it. Now there is one. (Sometimes I wonder if you partly did that for me. ;))

    I just wanted to say three things:
    Two, I went and listened to "Sugar Mountain". ;) I didn't know the song. Actually, it was really funny because as soon as I started playing it, my brother yelled out "NEIL YOUNG!" (he hadn't seen the screen, he just heard the first line) and I was like, "HOW DID YOU KNOW?!" :O And then MUM came in and said "IS THAT NEIL YOUNG?!" and I looked at her, thinking 'how have I not known who Neil Young was before this'. Sure, I've heard of him, but nothing else. Now I know. I like knowing. :D
    Three, I loved this post, and I have a feeling Sugar Mountain and I are going to get along real fine. ;) (Also, I find it funny how you said you do slightly illegal things from time to time, but then you also try to keep out of trouble. Hehe.)

    ~Miss Meg

  5. Emmmmmaaa!! DARLING. I am super thrilled to see another blog!!! I about cried when you closed your old one off, but I totally get the end of a chapter thing. I can't wait to see what comes of this darling little spot!! *hugs*

  6. A new blog?? How did I miss this? I'm SO excited for your new venture! :) *follows*

    (Also, your blog name. It's adorable!)

  7. Emma Emma Emma Emma! You're BACK! Yeehaw!


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