Monday, November 7, 2016

November Days


     Have I mentioned how I love November?

     The summer months kind of blend together in one big long stretch of work and play and non-stop action, and then comes along November -- that bronze, dignified month that brings rest and cold and envelopes you like a big warm fuzzy blanket.

     We often get Indian Summer days in November, like this one; I was riding my bike in just a thin shirt, no jacket. Last year I was barefoot at this time. It's like one last taste of freedom before a cold front sets in and drives us inside.

    Speaking of driving (well not really)....Last month I bought a truck.


There it is!

     It's the smallest truck you ever saw. It's twenty-seven years old and it was originally owned by an old man in Virginia, so I'm calling it the Virginian. (Which is a good book, by the way.) My dad and I found it almost on accident and the way it worked out was super unexpected, but it's a good little truck and so far it's served me well. It's an '89, so it's a stick-shift, and I'll tell you -- learning to drive stick was the hardest thing I've tried in a long time. I don't even know why it was so hard; but I think it was because everyone told me it would be easy and then it wasn't, and when I couldn't do it right off my pride was just about crushed and I didn't even feel like trying. 

     One night I was trying to get the hang of starting and stopping it in our driveway and I kept stalling it, so I just gave up and laid down on the seat and cried. That night I felt worse about myself than I have in a while. That's how I am, I'm noticing more and more -- when I can't get something right off I get so frustrated I can't even think straight. It's pride, I know, and it's bad. This little truck crushed my pride. But my teachers were patient. And then I turned the key again and tried once more, and it got better. And you know what? They were right. I did get the hang of it. And when I drove it to my grandparent's house Hallowe'en night, I had hope again; and the other night when Sadie and I rolled into the rodeo hall parking lot going to a dance in our little red Ranger, I felt so proud, a wholesome kind of proud, and it was all worth it. That darn little truck.

     Owning a vehicle makes me feel more like an adult than maybe anything has before. I'm surprised how much I like it. :-)

     ...Not that I'm too adult yet. I spent most of Saturday sitting around talking about movies and I still sing Veggie Tales songs and the other night I played a human version of PacMan, so we've still got a ways to go.

    What do you love about November?
    Do you drive a stick-shift?




  1. I need to come so you can drive me about in your truck. Can I get an amen?

  2. Wait--people told you that driving a stick shift would be EASY???? You, my dear, have been the victim of a false advertising campaign. Learning stick shift is NEVER easy. For ANYONE. PERIOD.


    I love your little red truck! Congratulations on getting your own vehicle--I remember how proud I was when I got my own car four years ago :-) (Wait--was it really four years ago? Yeah, it was. Time flies. Ugh.)

    1. I guess after you've done it so many years you forget how hard it was in the first place, but yes, I expected it to be way easier than it was. Thank you! It certainly makes you feel grown up, doesn't it?

  3. uuurrrrrgh your truck is the cutest, but gooooshhh how realistic!! I would probably break down crying for the same reason. My pride is one of my biggest downfalls and attributes. lol

    but, hey, your name. Honestly. ITS PERFECT. think I might write a poem on this...serious

    (did you know I have a poetry blog?)

    1. Thanks Julia -- ohhhhh, yes. For me pride is always there and I always have to fight it.

      (Yes, I know you have a poetry blog!) :-)

  4. It must be such a wonderful feeling, owning your own truck (*cough* ute)!! And the Virginian? I like it! (I think I've heard of that book, too. :P)
    And you're not the only one who gives up, cries, and then have's at it again. I do that too. A good cry never hurt anyone... "when times are tough... have a cry!" ;P

    By the way, I'd love *wink wink hint hint nudge nudge* to hear about the dance you went to! :D (Presuming it's the one you mentioned in your letter...)

    What I love most about November... the fact that CHRISTMAS IS THE NEXT MONTH!! :D :D :D

    Almost all our cars have stick shifts, actually. :)

    (I just realized I was the only one who answered the questions. Now I feel bad. :P)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. I will have to tell you about the dance! :-)

      It's a wonderfully exciting feeling and I'm getting used to it, and I like it. I'm not crying anymore, so that's good. I guess in other countries most of the cars are standard, because Naomi told me the same thing.

      (Ahhh, Christmas!? What, not yet!) (Give me November first!)

  5. Awesome! I like your truck! I need to learn to drive...but maaaaaan, ever since I turned fourteen I started really paying attention to how people drive and it is nothing short of a miracle that I am not dead yet from all the heart-attacks I've been giving myself during the last couple of years. I don't wanna drive, 'cause even if I do it right, who's to say someone else will be texting while driving and kill me dead? I watched a girl just past week who was texting while driving and she nearly rearend a semi--after almost colliding with me and my aunt--AND SHE DIDNT EVEN NOTICE!!!

    Also I'm scared of roundabouts.

    However, if I happened to have my own truck...maybe things would be different. Maybe.

    1. Also, my spellcheck hates me. Again.

    2. Lissy, driving is SUPER scary. I remember at the five-hour driving course I was required to take they showed us a video of a bunch of girls texting and then getting into a horrible car crash and dying and it made me so scared I never wanted to drive again. But it's a scary thing that everyone does, and the reality is the odds are in your favor, if you're careful and stay in your lane. (I could tell you stories about driving in the wrong lane...) Really though, driving is fun. I love it. I hope you do too once you learn how. :-)

  6. I love your new truck and I love this post. :)


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