Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

     poinsettias in church
     strings of lights on the bushes
     Brett Eldredge singing "Silent Night..."
     overseas packages
     surprise packages!
     delivering cookies
     green nail polish
     chocolate tea (yes, there is such a thing)
     crunchy snow
     playing the harp at Mrs. Huff's house
     a broken pencil sharpener
     Scotty McCreery music videos
     cranberry candles
     Oliver sleeping under the tree
     writing stories in the basement
     babysitting (what? me?)
     The Waltons on Christmas Eve
     playing games in a dark bedroom
     hugging Grandpa goodnight.

     Christmas was wonderful and I'm so grateful to my God for my family, whom I can't stand and couldn't live a day without. Every Christmas is unusual, in its way, but every one is good.

     How was your Christmas?
     Have you ever painted your nails green (and regretted it?)


  1. Bree got chocolate tea for Christmas!!! girl. I want to talk to you so badly.. I didn't have time today cause I was cramming the schoolwork in....but soon? Tomorrow? HONESTLY THO THAT PHOTO MAKES ME SO HAPPY <3333

    1. I know! Sorry I didn't call yesterday...I'll text you. In the meantime stuff is piling up to talk about. ;-)

      ME TOO. We were playing charades and the lighting in the living room was so pretty with the tree lights and I managed to get some blurry, happy pictures.

  2. merry (totally late) Christmas, Emma!! and yasss to the waltons xD

    1. Thanks Sarah! I can't wait to hear more about yours! (And YES. :-))

  3. "a broken pencil sharpener."

    We must name him.

    1. I think we should name him Phileas because he's been around the world.

  4. Your Christmas involved a broken pencil sharpener and you babysitting? I'm intrigued. :D

    My Christmas was wonderful + long! We celebrated from the 23rd to the 25th, during which a lot of food (bad, terribly bad + delicious food) was consumed, a great many carols were sung, eyes sparkled, and voices laughed. It was beautiful.

    And no, I've not painted my nails green, although I was planning on doing it this Christmas, only I ran out of time! (I know. Lamest excuse ever. I admit it.) I was going to do my toenails green and my fingernails red, only I only got as far as the fingernails part.

    ~Miss Meg

    P.S. Have I mentioned to you I'm watching Poldark? ;)

    1. See below for pencil sharpener story. And yes, I went babysitting a few days before Christmas with my sister! This doesn't sound strange but I NEVER babysit. It was fun. :-)

      (YOU DID NOT MENTION THIS. What do you think?) (I should have you call my mom, haha.)

  5. Your Christmas sounded fun, though I agree with Miss Meg: I wanna hear more about the pencil sharpener. Do you like chocolate tea? I've never had it and it sounds almost as foreign as salted milk tea. If you do like it I'll have to give it a try.

    Yes. I have a bottle of green nail polish. Just one. The first time I used it it stained my fingernails green! I have learned to use a clear basecoat since that dreadful event. It took ages for my nails to grow out. I wore purple nail polish to cover the green, but I KNEW it was there and it bothered me far more than it had a right to.

    1. Okay: so when my friend Naomi was visiting this spring she had this pencil sharpener with her and my sister accidentally drove over it. The broken pencil sharpener turned up in the Christmas package I got from Naomi. It was a riot.

      Oh, it's pretty good! It doesn't really taste like chocolate...I don't know what it tastes like but it's good. My my, you have had experience with green nail polish. Mine looked like the grinch for a few days and yesterday I finally took it off.

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Emma! Happy New Year! :)

    Hahahaha, I have painted my toenails green. I'm not sure if I regretted it then, but I wouldn't do it now. It was the ugliest neon shade of green. :P

  7. This list makes me feel happy and safe <3

    (And yes, I have. Painted my nails green and regretted it, I mean. That is, I think I regretted it . . .)


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