Friday, December 9, 2016

Ten Everyday Things I'm Legitimately Scared Of

    Life is scary sometimes. We all know it. Everybody's got those few things they dread -- here's some of mine.

     #1 Calling people on the phone. Over the years I've gotten so I'm okay talking to people face-to-face, like, I can do it. But put some distance and a phone between us and everything changes. Suddenly I'm struck dumb with terror at the thought of picking up the phone and dialing. Especially for official stuff where I feel like I need to sound confident. The sad thing is, the more I do it, it never gets any easier! I think I inherited this dislike for the phone from my mother, who is (obviously) a lot older than me and still hates calling people. This means I am stuck with it for life and there is no hope for Emma.

     #2 Customs forms. My best friend lives overseas so every year early in December I waltz into the post office with my brown paper package all tied up with string, plop it on the counter and tell them I'm sending it to my friend in Belgium. Then they give you the customs form. Now after three years of this I know to expect it, but still it freaks me out every time because it's so stressful. Like, give us all your information on one tiny slip of paper so we can know exactly what you're sending in this box and exactly what it cost you and exactly why you bought it and exactly why you think you have the right to send something to your friend and does it contain anything liquid, fragile, or perishable such as perfume or lithium batteries? Would you please check yes or no? Yes? Okay, well, that will cost you about fifty dollars more. Priority mail? INSURANCE?

    And I'm over here like, "I'm an American! I have rights!"

     Yeah. It's bad.

     #3 THE DARK. So back in the olden days of my youth this was not so much of a problem, but a few years ago I watched this movie called The Village (I still hate my cousins for showing it to me) and it scarred me for life. Now I can't even walk up my own street in the dark without thinking about creepy red-cloaked creatures with claws and fangs popping out of the woods and snatching my clothes. It's actually really embarrassing. Last New Years' we were at some friends' house and a bunch of us kids went out for a walk after dark and I had to turn back by myself because the trees on both sides of the road were giving me heart problems, and the younger boys made fun of me. Then they made fun of me because I was so bad at playing the wii. Basically Emma is a wuss-bag and can't do anything.

     #4 Stopping at a red light on a hill in a standard vehicle. I LOVE MY LITTLE TRUCK TO BITS. It is my pride and joy. All the fears of driving a standard vehicle are mostly a thing of the past now...except those hills in town where you have to stop at a red light and you never know for sure if you'll make it before you crash into the car behind you and get sued. So far it hasn't happened. But it's winter now and there's snow. Bad bad bad.

     #5 Parking in the city. Where do I park? Everybody's already parked in all the spots! There's no place for me! Oh well, might as well just go home!
     #6 Boys. Actually I'm not that scared of them. Most of my closest friends are boys. It's only the really really hot ones that scare me, because how is a girl supposed to act? And just....why?
     #7 Betty's butter. Once my sister bought some homemade butter from an Amish lady and brought it home and made stuff with it, and the smell of it cooking for some reason was the grossest thing I had ever been subjected too. Even she was turned off by it and so she stuck the whole lump in the freezer where it remained for several months, haunting me every time I opened the freezer door. I still have nightmares about it sometimes.

     #8 Writing in birthday cards to people you don't know that well. And even to people you do know well, really. Besides the initial happy birthday and hope you have a good year does anybody know what to write in a birthday card?

     #9 Really intense homeschool moms. The ones that don't stop talking. Not targeting anyone here. But you know who you are and I think I should tell you, you freak me out.

     #10 Walking on ice in cowboy boots. At my grandparents' house they have this walkway that's basically a slip-and-slide in winter. One wrong move and, bam, permanent brain damage. Why am I wearing cowboy boots in December anyway? Wear real winter boots, dummy.

(Not my boots, my sister's. She got HH boots. She is now officially cooler than me.) (But I'm the one with the truck.)

     Can you relate? Do you have similar issues or am I alone in these?

     ~ Emma

     P.S. Western NY woke up to a white world this morning! Which means everything's gorgeous and we are going to be housebound for the entire day and maybe the rest of our lives! I am going to die! Have a nice day, everyone!


  1. I'm scared of talking on the phone, too!!!!! I mean, I'm not as scared as I once was, but still, I don't LIKE it and I probably never will. It gets worse, too, if you have to call somebody and explain something complicated, and just . . . ugh. No fun.

    Don't be scared of boys; half the time, they're just as scared of YOU as you are of them. Take my word for it ;-)

    1. Once I had to call the director of a musical I was cast in and tell her I wasn't going to do it. That was the worst yet.


    The phone is terrifying. My younger brother isn't scared of the phone. But I, the responsible 18 year old adult (HA), was scared when I ordered a pizza for the first time. What is wrong with me? ;P (He calls people all the time about whether a place is open, how much it costs to go there, etc. etc. AKA all the things I'd freak out over.)

    Um, Emma. I'm scared of the dark, too. Even in my house. Sometimes. (Okay, most of the time. So embarrassed.)

    DRIVING in the city is scary, let alone parking.

    "It's only the really really hot ones that scare me, because how is a girl supposed to act?" Why do I relate to this so much? (Although for me, it's all boys. Unless they're younger than me.)

    This was a great post, Emma. Thanks for being so honest!!

    1. I'm okay calling about stuff like that, but calling with job inquiries and asking for important information, and even calling friends I'm supposed to be comfortable with, it makes me so nervous!

      (Don't you love younger boys? There's no pressure. My best friends are 11-16-year-old boys and it's great.)

    2. Yes, indeed! Younger boys are so much fun. :D

  3. Ps. Your new blog design is gorgeous. :)

    1. Thank you! Most of the credit goes to Naomi. ;-)

    Customs forms sound dreadful. Soary.
    Great pooooost.

    1. Don't you have to do something like a customs form too? (Thaaaaaanks.)

    2. No, we don't! MOVE TO BELGIUM.

  5. Oh dear, I relate to all of these so much!

    On the phone I think the best thing to do is take a minute before an "official" call to say to yourself "Darling, they are not trying to eat your head off and nobody is going to yell at you. Be nice, be polite and everything will be fine. You're probably never going to see this person in real life anyway."

    The key is to always be nice and polite. When you focus on being kind to other people it's a lot less scary. It also means if anyone has a negative response it's all on their heads, not your own.

    I know about trees in the dark. We only recently moved out east. I used to love being outside at night. When you're on the prairies it isn't scary at all, it's just you and the hills and the sky. If there's a moon you can see for miles.

    But up here there are trees. I really don't like trees. At night they're even worse. They move and creak and clatter. They really do seem malevolent sometimes. There could be things in the woods. Things with teeth. On the prairie the only thing we had to worry about were coyotes, and that fear lessened considerably as you grew older. Now we have to worry about the wild cats and bears (both of which live in our part of the world). No, I don't blame you for not liking the wood at night.

    1. For me the best thing is to not even think about it, just pick up the phone and dial. Why do we get so scared of these things anyway? :-P

      That must be a huge change for you. I think I would love the woods at night if my imagination wasn't such a bother! They really are beautiful, but sometimes beautiful and frightening go hand in hand.

  6. Dear, dear, this is exposing. :P Talking about things we're scared of!

    1. I know SSOOO many people who are scared of phones! I'm a little scared of them, but I consider it a challenge to get better at - and I AM getting more comfortable. I normally get cold, sweaty hands when I'm dialing the number (and quadruble check to make sure it's the right number ;P) when ringing someone. I still get scared ringing up my friends... what is it with phones?!

    2. Ohhh, I don't THINK we have custom forms! I've never posted a parcel overseas so I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think we do.

    3. Yeah, I... yeah. People with imagination always have this trouble, I think.

    4. Oh, haha, hill starts! Yep, all the people who drive that I know complain about hill starts! I'm getting quite scared about them, especially because they make you do one for your driving test...

    5. Haha, yes! We get lost and have trouble finding a park EVERY time we go into the city. I can't drive yet, but that IS a scary thought for when I do...

    6. Hehe. ;) I can't say I'm SCARED of boys, honestly.

    7. HAHAHAHA. Sorry but I couldn't but help finding that hilarious.

    8. Yeah, well, I get that. I often sit down to write in one and think, "Wait... what am I going to say?" And the first part may start out a bit awkwardly but then I get into the swing of things and words start pouring out and I'm left trying to squish in the last few lines of the card. ;P

    9. Hmm... can't say I've had many bad experiences with intense homeschooler mums, haha.

    10. Yeah, this is one problem that I don't have to worry about in my life! Unless we're talking ice skating but let's not go there...

    I was surprised needles aren't on this list. Don't you think needles are scary? :P I had one this morning - a blood test - and it wasn't exactly fun. Some are worse than others... this one was worse. ;)

    Adieu for now!
    ~Miss Meg

  7. I love the dark and am not scared of boys, though I must say I've no idea how to act around my crush. So there's that.

    Talking on the phone does make my heart pound however. Also going to the doctor, and two inch bugs.

  8. I'm not scared of talking on the phone, but I hate having to make official calls, like to make doctor appointments, mostly because my kids always choose right then to have tantrums/weird questions/scream/hurt themselves.

    I'm afraid of the dark inside buildings, but not outside. Weird, huh?

    I still don't like talking to hot guys and I'm married. Hot guys are just intimidating, especially if they know they're hot.

    #7 made me think of that nursery rhyme. Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said, "The butter's bitter. If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter." So she bought a bit of butter better than that bitter butter, and she put it in her batter, and her batter was not bitter. So 'twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter. Were you referencing that, or was that butter legit called Betty's Butter? Because if so, that's hilariously ironic.

    Send me your snow! Then you won't die, and I will have snow :-)

    1. Yes, it was butter made by a woman named Betty so it was legit Betty's Butter. That's so funny! I never heard that nursery rhyme before.

      I wish I could! The roads are better now though so I don't think I'll die. Thanks for your concern.

    2. Oh my goodness, that's hilarious that it was actually Betty's Butter and it was bitter. And it made your batter bitter. Wow. I had to share this with Cowboy because it tickled me so much, and he chuckled too.

      We used to live in Connecticut and got delightful amounts of snow there, probably akin to yours :-)

  9. I don't know which thing to comment on first. OKAY OKAY. Sending mail across the county and being asked lots of questions! I know the struggles of this one! I love how you make each of these fears really funny and cute. Smiling at the cute boys one, nodding my head at the one about phone calls, and rolling my eyes at intense home school moms. AH this is just great.

    1. Must subscribe to your new?... blog?

    2. Thank you -- I'm glad you can understand! So nice to have you stop by. :-)

  10. I am in love love love with everything about Sugar Mountain! The name, the design, these 10 extremely relate able fears... talking on the phone I totally agree with - and the dark! I had a night class at uni this semester and I begged one of my nice tall guy friends to walk me to my car every monday :p and felt a little pathetic, but did I die? NO I DID NOT.

    1. Olivia, thanks for your comment. :-) Thank you so much! That makes me really happy!

  11. #life

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a teenager and scared of the dark.

    Calling people on the phone, red lights on hills, parking in the city, boys, birthday cards . . . the struggle is real!


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