Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter Stories

November 28 ~ Today I started listening to Christmas music. I put on Sara Evans' 'Silent Night' and suddenly I was back in the mezzanine of the Bradford high school auditorium, reveling in every word.

November 30 ~ If I could have one wish I'd wish for a Christmas episode of Christy where they have a school Christmas program and Dr. MacNeil sings.

December 1st ~ You bide your time and you wait for something to happen. You wake up, put on your jeans and clip on your pocket knife, eat a grape stick and crack open your books. You drive your sister to the store for eggs; you feed your bunnies; you go to your aunt's house to help set up her nativity set in her yard because she wants the schoolkids passing by to see the baby Jesus. You drive home and waste time watching Kacey Musgraves videos, but it's not really wasted time because you like it, and you wait for something to happen. You get in your truck and drive to the store. You buy your best friend a Christmas present and you ask the people at Tractor Supply why you haven't been hired yet, and nobody knows. They tell you to come back. You have to wait more. You go outside with your dog and give the donkeys at the barn some soft apples. You get your laptop and you sit on a hay bale under the Christmas lights hung from the cobwebbed rafters typing out words and feelings with freezing fingers while Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert sing over the radio. You drive into town and climb up into a wooden tree to sing for an hour, then you put on your hat and come home to squash on the stove. The theme music of the Waltons fades and everyone else goes to bed, and you're still sitting here, while the fire peters out, waiting for something to happen.

December 3rd ~ Families are the best thing in the world. Even if they're like awful and you hate them. It's like a weird little clan that you get to be a part of, take advantage of, use and abuse and love to pieces. I love yours and I love mine.

December 13 ~ Also you wouldn't think it's that hard but the weirdest part of acting older is knowing when it's okay to act young. Is there a line or do you just roll with it and hope you're not looking like an idiot? Or does it matter if you look like an idiot? Is anyone looking anyway?
    It's so awfully nice to have friends that are boys who you don't even have to think twice about having a crush on.

December 14 ~ The best education you can get is driving on a freeway, stopping at a gas station, getting lost, going to church, and listening to your grandpa.

December 16 ~ There are some people you can go without talking to for six months and then when you do it's like you were never apart. It's like we saw each other yesterday and she's not a thousand miles away. I really miss her -- the girl with the blue hair and funky shoes.

     Just a few things in my little world lately. We're almost buried in several feet of snow but all the Christmas lights look beautiful in it. Also I discovered Brett Eldredge has a Christmas cd and my life will never be the same. 

Are you excited for Christmas?
Do you journal?
Do you have a real tree?

~ Emma

P.S. If you're wondering why the blog is different again....I couldn't do the fancy layout. I'm too much of a country mouse. So I changed it back. ;-)


  1. This was the sweetest post! Thank you so much for sharing. Knowing when to act younger REALLY IS the hardest part of being older. Never thought about that BUT it's so true!!

    1. Thanks Vanessa -- yeah, sometimes I wonder if it's just me but I guess it's not. Still getting the hang of this whole thing!

  2. And you wait for something to happen...there's always that waiting. You can be halfway into the Christmas season, and you're still waiting for something to happen. In my experience it's all waiting until one special something happens, sometimes not even a big thing, and THEN you finally get the Christmas Spirit. Last year it was getting to see my mum after she'd been visiting her family for the holidays. She didn't get back until Christmas Eve, but THEN the world was perfect and there was that special sparkle that is only around when it's Christmas time. I love this post it's nice and sweet and wonderfully nostalgic. Perfect for the Christmas season. :)

    (I actually kinda prefer this style, myself. The other style is nice, like a fancy hotel, but this one is homey. No matter how nice any hotel is, being home is better.)

    1. For me it's more like, I'm waiting to be hired and waiting till I'm old enough to do things I'm not allowed to do yet and waiting for new mind is pretty occupied with the future right now, but I'm also excited for Christmas, and I have to remember to live in the moment too.

      That's such a sweet story! Those are the best times. Thank you so much, Lissy! And thanks for reading my blog. :-)

  3. I'm excited for Christmas!

    I do journal -- I've kept a regular journal since I was 14. Sometimes it's every day, and sometimes I just recap a whole week on the weekend, but it's very much there. The only time I didn't keep it up was when I was pregnant with my third child and we really didn't realize it, but I has prepartum depression. Now I know that not journaling regularly is a sign there is something very wrong with me.

    I haven't had a real tree for years, but I prefer them.

    Have I told you always smile when I see your new blog's name because Sugar Mountain is the name of the ski resort where I learned to ski as a tween? Good memories!

    1. Wow! I've kept one on-and-off since I was eight or something, but I was fifteen when it became something really important to me and I've done it regularly ever since. It's one of my favorite things.

      No, you didn't tell me that -- how neat! I named it after the Neil Young song. Those are good memories too. ;-)

  4. Aww, that's a cute picture. :) It makes me feel all cuddly or something.

    This was written very uniquely - I'm always one for diary style writing. (I LOVE my journal/diary. It's a life saver. If I didn't have one, I'd be overflowing with thoughts and ideas and words and I'd go INSANE. I've been journalling on and off since I was 10, but when I hit about 13 I really got into it. I've been using it more and more.)

    So, random thoughts while reading this:

    One, I feel like I'm REALLY missing out on something when it comes to Christy and The Waltons.
    Two, what's a grape stick?!!
    Three, I don't mind that you changed your blog look back. I think this does suit you more. :)

    Well, right now I can't relate to waiting for something to happen - I'm more like waiting for things to stop! Life's swept me off my feet lately. ;)

    Happy Christmas, dear Emma!

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Christy and the Waltons are a big chunk of my life. If you ever get to watch them I think you'd like them too. :-)

      A grape stick is a like a licorice made out of grapes that we sell at our stand so we have a ton left over. I wrote that in my journal and actually wondered if I shouldn't write it on here because nobody would know what it was!

      A Merry Christmas to you Gabby! My letter won't get to you before Christmas but I hope not too long after. ;-)

  5. I'm totally down for that Christy episode. They had a Thanksgiving one! They really should have a Christmas episode, too. :P

    Waiting for something to happen...sigh. I can relate.

    I really love your layout, just as it is. It's so clean and pretty and YOU. :)

    Merry Christmas, Emma!!!

    1. Right?! I had that idea one day and thought it would be the best thing ever.

      Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too, Natalie.


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