Tuesday, February 21, 2017

eskimo summer


     There's a name for it when you get warm weather in the fall when it's supposed to be getting colder -- they call that Indian summer. So it seems like there oughta be a name for the days like these ones, when it's warm as spring and you can go outside without a jacket and it's only mid-February. It should be called Eskimo summer.

    Last Saturday my and my squad drove through sunshine to meet our awesome friends and then we went farther into the glaring orange sunset to see an indoor rodeo. We cheered for the hot cowboys like we always do, and walked around the parking lot in the dark to drool over all the dually Powerstrokes and Cummins, and we made best friends with the kids in the car next to us while we waited in traffic to leave, laughing through rolled-down windows, shivering in cold February air because it had been so warm earlier we all forgot to wear coats.

     Sunday, the church pews were covered in gold, and we threw off our long-sleeved shirts as soon as we left the building. The sun shone like a spotlight and I soaked it up like a thirsty desert flower. I filled a bucket with sudsy water and washed my truck for the first time since I've had it. It felt just like spring. It felt like waking up after a long time of living half-mast, like somebody handed me a brand new chance at everything. Spring always feels like that.

     ....but it's still only February, which is why I'm confused. Next week it'll probably snow again and I'll be all messed up. It's that Eskimo summer thing.

    You don't think about the snow that's coming next week, though, when it's like 60 frickin degrees and you're wearing a t-shirt and driving your truck down a country road with your two best friends in the world squished in the seat next to you.

     These last few days have been pretty wonderful. 

     Spring is coming, friends.


     What does spring make you think of? 


  1. I agree, there should be a term for warm weather in winter. Especially since it's happening on a regular basis now. lol

  2. I will call it Eskimo spring with you! I think here, it's full-on real spring, though. I remember a year when I lived in NC in the early '90s when we planted our garden in February because it was spring already, like this, so it does happen. Flowers are about to bloom here, so I'm really hoping it stays spring and doesn't hurt them.

    1. In western NY this doesn't happen as much, so I'm really loving the not being buried in snow and I hope it stays like this. I'm ready to wake up. :-)

    2. Yeah, it's not so common here in northern VA either. Last year we had 30 inches of snow. This year, we've had about 3. It's been wacky.

  3. you washed the Virginian for the first time??! AWWW that's a memory to be saved xD

    also yup, it's eskimo spring. YOURE SO GOOD WITH NAMES legit. also, I wanna read something new that you've written, plleeeasseee??

    1. Thanks Julia -- I thought it made sense. Something new? Hmmm, well, I could give you a little bit of what I'm hoping to do for nano in April...

  4. Hey Emma!
    I found your blog through Julia's and I love it! <3 Totally following! I love the name of your blog and this post is goals! <3

  5. Hahaha. Ha. Well, I'm sure as heck living the Indian summer right now if that's what you call it. (I didn't realize there were such names. It must be American. :P)

    Oh, that sounds fun! (I smiled when you mentioned the part about making best friends with the kids in the car next to you in traffic... I remember when we were driving back from out last camping trip, some of our friends happened to be driving in the other lane beside us and got stuck in traffic also, so we were signalling and pulling funny faces for ages together. I couldn't stop giggling.)

    Also *whispers* I might be going to a rodeo for the first time next Saturday! Hopefully. I promised you I would go to one next I had the chance, and this is it. As long as we don't get flooded out (which right now is a legitimate possibility - there's a tropical cyclone going around), there shouldn't be anything to stop us. *fingers crossed*

    Oh, I whole heartedly agree that washing cars feels like spring. Yup.

    You wear T-shirts in 60 degrees Fahrenheit (which is our 15 degrees Celsius)?!! O_O Girl, that's like our maximums for winter!! I'd be wearing a jumper, haha. :P (I'm beginning to think I would die of frostsbite if I ever went to America during winter...)

    I liked this most. Muchly.

    ~Miss Meg


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