about me

 Hello stranger. My name's Emma.

 I live on a little farm in a tiny corner of the big ol' US of A where we grow sweet corn and pumpkins and run around barefoot and don't give a flying darn what people say about it.

 I have a crazy family and I love them to little itty bitty pieces. I was homeschooled from the beginning and it's made me very sarcastic. It's also made me independent and kind of bad at being told what to do.

 I feel most at home in the bean patch, on the couch watching 90's tv shows with my mom, or behind the wheel of my '89 Ford Ranger. If I'm not laughing there's probably something wrong. I have an unavoidable attraction to anybody wearing a cowboy hat and it's kind of an issue when I go to a rodeo. If I could spend the rest of my life living in a flyover state on a farm selling produce and giving out Gideon Bibles I'd be completely content.

 For now I keep busy as the wacky sister, the on-and-off writer, the wannabe country singer and the farm kid who's really just happy if I can stay in the bean patch.

   Hope you find some sunshine on my Sugar Mountain!

(And anyone who knows the Neil Young song gets a gold star.)